Brain Cacus Planter

Brain Cacus Planter


Brain Cactus planter – It’s all about the brains!  These eccentric cacti are looking amazing and are a definite for anyone into rare succulents and cacti!

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Botanical Name: Mammillaria Elongata Cristata

Commonly known as : Brain Cactus

Mammillaria Elongata Cristata Care Guide

Light Requirements:

These plants to fabulous in full sun environments but can do well in a love a brightly lit room and being close to a window. 

During the peak of summer they do well in semi shade areas. 

Watering needs:

Cacti do not need much water – so ensure that the soil dries out completely before watering again.


Food is always important for any growing plant. During spring and summer fertilize when you water them. The best recommended fertlizer used by Staghorn and Pitcher is Grobest


These plants generally only need to be tranplanted every 2- 3 years. Make sure that the soil mis is very well draining – sandy and quite harsh. 


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