Calathea White Star 14cm



Calathea White star is just plain gorgeous with deep green stripes on a near white surface and then in complete contrast, deep purple undersides of the leaves.

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Commonly known as : Calathea White Star

Botanical Name: Geoppertia Majestica


Calathea White star Care Guide

Light Requirements:

These plants do well in bright environments. Avoid any sunlight as this will burn their very tender leaves. 

Watering needs:

Calatheas do enjoy being kept evenly moist – but not so much were they are standing in water for long periods of time.  You can allow just the top to dry out a little. Regarding water – try and let the water stand over night so that the chlorine dissapates – otherwise filtered or borehole water is just perfect! 

Humidity requirements:

High humity is always best for these tropical plants


Try and fertlize Calatheas at least every two to three weeks in spring and summer and hold back in the winter which is usually their dorman period. An general water soluable fertilizer would do great. 


At least every year, you will need to to upsize the pot and give him a fresh mix. They require a well draining soil mixture that has medium moisture retention. 

Staghorn and Pitcher have an excellent, already prepared potting mix which is perfect for this plant. 

Alternatively if you’re brave enough to mix your own, only use a premium potting mix such as the Gromor Potting Soil and it’s always good practice to add in perlite that will assist with good drainage, then coco peat moss, or coir husks that will hold in moisture.

Nice to know:

These plants are mildy toxic so keep Fluffy away!

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