Coffee Arabica 15cm


Coffee Arabica plants are fast becoming a favourite as an indoor plant. They are quick to grow and look amazing one bright red coffee beans form.

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Commonly known as : Coffee Arabica

Coffee Arabica care guide

Light Requirements:

Bright light is very important for coffee plants to grow quickly and strong. So a north facing window would be perfect!

The leaves are quite tender so if they are exposted to midday sun their leaves will definitely burn. 

Watering needs:

It’s always best to keep these plants evenly moist. No too wet and not too dry.
You can always do a quick check by scratching away the top 3cm of the soil to see if it is still moist.

They don’t like to be left dry for too long so try and keep them in the normal watering routine. 

Try and avoid letting them sit  in a tray of water as this can lead to root rot. 

Humidity requirements:

Medium humidity is fine for these plant, however they will enjoy a misting of their leave once or twice a week. 


These guys will enjoy being fertlized at least every two weeks with a general liquid fertlizer, or a water soluble fertlizer like Multi Booster.


Ever so often your plant will start outgrowing it’s pot and you will need to to upsize the pot and give her a fresh mix. They require a well draining soil mixture that has good moisture retention. 

Try and only use a premium potting mix such as the Gromor Potting Soil.

It’s always good practice to add in Perlite that will assist with good grainage plus peat moss and coir husks that will hold in some moisture.

Important: Some leaves may have slight damage on them. 

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