Philodendron Pastazanum sp. Silver
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Philodendron Pastazanum sp. Silver



If you want a big pillowy plant – this is your child!!  Their leaves grow absolutely huge and are so rewarding

Please do not at all repot or change the mix for at least the next 12 months…. and then – if you get the itch  – please contact us for the best advise.

It’s important to note that plants will differ in size as per the pictures.


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Commonly known as : Philodendron Pastazanum sp Silver

Philodendron Pastazanum sp Silver

Light Requirements:

Philodendrons require a high amount of light in order to grow prolifically and strong. So it’s ideal to find the brightest light possible in a house / greenhouse. 

Watering needs:

The Philodendron Pastazanum sp Silver are potted in a very chunky, specialized potting mix that is well draining.

You can give them a gentle / moderate watering every few days, but do allow the mix to dry out substantially before watering again. Hold back in colder weather however. During the summer months and hot days, you may find that you need to water a little more often. 

These plants have only been watered with RO (reverse osmosis) water. Tap water is generally too hard and contains too many chemicals. There are many water purification shops around that you can buy in 10litres or 25litres. 

Water temperature is another factor to consider when watering. Water should be at room temperature. Ideally at 21 degrees celcius. This is the recommended temperature so not to shock the roots and this is the ideal temperature where plants absorb nutrients at an optimal rate. 

Humidity requirements:

Try and attain at least 60-70% humidity for the next 6 months. They can tolerate normal humidity in the house following the initial step down process, but any plant with with velvet leaves would need additional humidity to thrive. 


All of these plants have a slow release fertilizer in them which will be good for at least another 10 months. A very low dose of a  water soluble fertilizer can be included each time you water – or, at least on a monthly basis. 


We do not advise to repot this plant for at least 6 months to a year. If however it is time – please contact us so that we are able to give you the best mix possible to ensure the least amount of stress and a base of supplements which will ensure it’s continued growth.sp. 

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