Peace Lily Sensation 16.5cm

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Peace Lily Sensation is a wonder indoor plants that enjoys light but also tolerates low light rooms. They tend to thrive best in medium light conditions. Whatever you do – keep it away from the sun!

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Peace Lily Sensation 16.5cm
R240.00 Original price was: R240.00.R159.00Current price is: R159.00.

Commonly known as : Peace Lily Sensation / Giant Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Sensation

Peace Lily Sensation is the largest in the peace lily family with dark green leaves that can grow up to 40-50cm in length. They are fantastic house plants and look good in just about any room!

Peace Lily care guide

Light Requirements:

Spathiphyllum Sensations do enjoy a good amount of light however are very tolerant in low lit areas of the home.  The do best in medium light rooms.

Watering needs:

Spathiphyllums Sensations require a generous amount water depending on the levels of heat in a room. The warmer the room, the more water they will need. 
You can always do a quick check by scratching away the top 3cm of the soil to see if it is still moist.
If they are allowed to dry out you will quickly see their leaves starting to droop.
Try and avoid letting letting them sit  in tray of water as this can lead to root rot. 

Humidity requirements:

Medium humidity is fine for these plant, however they will enjoy a misting of their leave once or twice a week. 


These guys will enjoy being fertlized at least every two weeks with a general liquid fertlizer, or a water soluble fertlizer. 


At least every two years, or once your Spathiphyllum Sensation has started outgrowing it’s pot, you will need to to upsize the pot and give him a fresh mix. They require a well draining soil mixture that has good moisture retention. 
Try and only use a premium potting mix such as the Gromor Potting Soil and it’s always good practice to add in Perlite that will assist with good grainage and peat moss, or coir husk that will hold in some moisture.

Nice to know:

Peace Lily’s are air-purifying plants – so do try and keep the leave dust free. 

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