Vanilla orchid 12cm



Vanilla orchids are quickly becoming a popular house plant – what better plant to have to make your own vanilla pods! This batch is lush and full!

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Commonly known as :  Vanilla orchid

Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia


Vanilla orchid Care Guide

Light Requirements:

These plants love a brightly lit room!

However it is important to avoid them getting any direct sunlight as this will cause burn marks on their leaves. 

Watering needs:

Orchids can survive on the slightly drier side, but it’s best to let the mix that they are in dry out before watering again.  Water requirements will obviously need to be increased during hot days. 

Try and not let them sit in water for any amount of time. 

Humidity requirements:

Vanilla orchid do enjy a fair amount of humidity.


I’ts always good practice to fertlize a vanilla orchid at least once a week, especially during the growing phases. Conside a fertilizer like Grobest

Growth and flowering

Vanilla orchids are quick growers and it’s best to allow them to climb up a trellis or moss pole. 

In a short space of time they will start to give you a pale yellow flower which is the start of your vanilla pod. 

Best practice is to fertlize the flower yourself – to make sure you will be guaranteed vanilla pods!

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