Bark Chips


Barks chips are a fantastic additive to just about potting mix which helps aeration and water flow. 25mm are the perfect size to add into potting mixes.

Bag size 5dm

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Bark Chips

Bark Chips

Bark Chips are the ideal choice for discerning gardeners and plant enthusiasts.
Our 5dm bags of bark chips  provide a superior potting medium that caters to the unique needs of house plants.

  • Optimal Size for Potting: Each chip is approximately 25mm in size, perfect for creating an airy and well-draining environment that house plants love. This size promotes root growth and prevents waterlogging, ensuring your plants remain healthy and vibrant.

  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re repotting your prized plant or creating a decorative top layer for your indoor plant collection, our chips are versatile. They can be used alone or mixed with other potting mediums to improve soil structure and aeration.

  • Sustainable and Natural: Harvested sustainably, our chips are a natural by-product, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly gardening practices. They not only benefit your plants but also contribute to a healthier planet.

  • Nutrient-Rich: As they slowly decompose, they release valuable nutrients back into the soil, enriching your potting medium and feeding your plants over time.

  • Pest Deterrent: The natural properties of bark can deter certain pests, helping to keep your indoor garden clean and free from unwanted visitors.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The rich, natural color and texture of our chips add an aesthetically pleasing touch to any pot, enhancing the overall look of your indoor plant display.

  • Easy to Use: Simply spread a layer of bark chips over the soil surface or mix them into your existing potting medium for improved drainage and nutrient distribution.

Our Bark Chips are not just a potting medium; they’re an investment in the longevity and prosperity of your house plants. With each 5dm bag, you’re ensuring that your indoor garden remains a lush, thriving oasis.

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