Calathea Musaica

Calathea Musaica


Calathea  Musaica is a very rewarding plant. It produces a substantial amounts of new plants and leaves relatively easily! They enjoy being kept moist.

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Botanical Name: Calathea Musaica

Commonly known as : Prayer Plant

Calathea Musaica care guide

Light Requirements:

Calathea Musaica’s do very well in bright light and well lit rooms. Try and not let them get any sunlight as this could burn their leaves. They are however quite tolerant to medium light rooms. 

Watering needs:

It is ideal to keep these plants evenly moist, however not so much that they are drowning in water. 

Try and water them only with mineral or filtered water as the chlorine content in normal household taps can cause burning on the edges of their leaves. 

Humidity requirements:

They can tolerate normal humidity in the house, but they do prefer a little extra humidity, so they will appreciate a misting whenever you have a chance.


As with all plants, fertilizing is very important. They will enjoy being fertlized at least every week to two weeks with a general liquid fertlizer, or a water soluble fertlizer like Grobest


In time you will find that your Calathea Musaica will start outgrowing it’s pot and you will need to upsize the pot and give him a fresh mix. They require a well draining soil mixture that has good moisture retention.

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