Moss Pole


This moss pole takes all other moss poles to the next level!  At 60cm in length its filled with sphagnum moss making it the perfect home for any climbing plant. It’s thick and sturdy giving all poles a run for their moss!

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Moss Pole

Moss Pole

This moss pole measures 60cm in length and is filled with proper sphagnum moss.

It is ideal for any climbing (or vining) plant. 

Sphagnum moss is definitely one of the best substrates for moss poles as it’s retains a good amount of moisture which is vital for aerial roots.
Should it dry out accidentally, it can be rehydrated again fairly easy as compared to other poles which incorporate coir or green moss.

Sphagnum  gives the plant’s aerial roots the perfect home to sink into which in turn assists with faster growth. 

Keeping them moist is fairly easy with our Self watering drippers.


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