Venus Fly Trap
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Venus Fly Trap



A venus fly trap has to be one of the most interactive and fascinating carnivorous plants around with moving parts unlike so many other plants!

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Commonly known as : Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap care guide

Light Requirements:

Venus Fly Traps need about 6 hours of sun a day for optimal growth. In winter, keep it away from frost so that it enter it’s dormancy state. 

Watering needs:

Tap water is an absolute no no! Never ever.  The chemicals in tap water will be the end to your plant.  Only use bottles water, reverse osmosis water, distilled or tap water.  

Allow your Venus Fly Trap to sit in about 1-2cm of water at least every second day in summer.  

Never let the potting medium dry out. 


Repotting once a year in spring is recommened.   Never use potting soil as this will kill the plant. Only use spahgnum peat combined with perlite. This medium is for sale through Staghorn and pitcher. 


Never use any chemical based fertilizer.  This will be an instant death to your plant.  Only feed your plant with live insects. and be sure to keep your fingers away from the traps!  

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