Chinese Money Plant HB

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Chinese Money plant is one of the trendiest houseplants around! With its  round leaves and easy-going nature, this little gem is perfect for plant lovers of all levels.

Full plants in a hanging basket.

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Chinese Money Plant HB
R229.00 Original price was: R229.00.R169.00Current price is: R169.00.

Botanical Name: Pilea Peperomioides 

Commonly knows as: Chinese Money Plant



Chinese Money Plant care guide

Light Requirements:

Pilea’s do well in medium to bright light so there are number of spots in the house where they can grow.  As long as it doesn’t get direct sunlight then it will be fine. 

Watering needs:

Water your Pilea Peperomioides when the top cm of soil feels dry to the touch. Allow the water to thoroughly drain out of the pot and avoid overwatering, as it can lead to root rot. 
If these plants are in a peat based mix, you don’t wont to let them dry out completely as it’s a missions to completely rehydrate the peat.

Humidity requirements:

They can tolerate normal humidity in the house, but they do prefer a higher humidity, so they will appreciate a misting whenever you have a chance.


As with all plants, fertilizing is very important. These guys will enjoy being fertlized at least every two weeks with a general liquid fertlizer, or a water soluble fertlizer like Multi Booster  or Grobest


These plants generally don’t need to be repotted out quite often. They require a well draining soil mixture that has good moisture retention.
Try and only use a premium potting mix such as the Gromor Potting Soil and but also add in Perlite that will assist with good drainage, plus peat moss and coir husks that will hold in some moisture.

Nice to know:

Pilea’s are easy to propagate. Simply take stem cuttings with a few leaves and place them in moist soil. Keep the soil consistently moist until new growth appears.

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