Zamioculcas Raven
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Zamioculcas Raven



Zamioculcas Raven is a tough plant. It’s perfect for anyone who isn’t good with plants as it can go for a long time without water. The Raven however is a ZZ with a difference where the leave turn black as it ages.

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Botanical Name: Zamioculcas Raven

Commonly known as : ZZ Raven


Zamioculcas Raven Care Guide

Light Requirements:

These plants do best in very low light areas so they are the perfect office plant where there are no windows and very little natural light. 

If they get too much light you may find that spots start to develop on their leaves.  They must never the sun whatever happens as this will burn their leaves. 

Watering needs:

Only water these plants once they are completely dried out – and then – forget about them for another week.  This cannot be emphasized enough!  They are very prone to rotting.

Humidity requirements:

The plants are not fuzzy about high or low humitidy areas. As mentioned earlier – they are extremely tough plants so this is one plant that you don’t need to mist…  Ever… 


Food is always important for any growing plant. During spring and summer fertilize when you water them. The best recommended fertlizer used by Staghorn and Pitcher is Grobest


When repotting – you must ensure that the mix is very light and fluffy and very very draining – so incorporate a lot of coir husks, coir fibre and perlite.

Try and only use a premium potting mix such as the Gromor Potting Soil.

Nice to know:

These plants are mildy toxic so don’t let your cats or dogs eat on the leaves.

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